Restoration and / or electrical conversion of steam and hot water radiators

renoDo you have an inefficient water heating system, leaking pipes and radiators, high humidity, heat unevenly distributed, high maintenance and operation costs … The solution, electrify your radiators.

Ecorad offers sales and conversions service throughout North America.

Our systems are environmentally responsible and use materials that are 99% recycled.

Instructions of installation

Installation; as simple as an electric baseboard heater.

A specially manufactured internally installed electric element replaces the extensive water piping system needed for a central furnace. Having each radiator connected to a programmable thermostat allows heating preferences by room as opposed to one central setting.
Instructions of installation

Thanks to the innovative and environmentally friendly processes developed by Ecorad, the elegance and beauty of cast iron radiators can now be restored and combined with the distinct energy-saving advantage of radiant based heating.

  • Programmable by zone

  • Energy saving

  • Maintenance cost eliminated

  • Boiler, pump and piping eliminated

  • Significant reduction of CO2e emissions

  • More energy efficient than traditional hot-water or steam heating systems

  • Healthier and more comfortable heat than forced air or convection heating systems

Restoration and electrification service including:

  • Water pressure paint removal* 
  • Removal of inner scale
  • Leak testing
  • Water and antifreeze mix filling
  • Electric element
  • Finish
  • Processes and tests are CSA certified

*Disposal of old paintings to environmental standards

Before / After


Power management systems

The Optimum OE13 is an intelligent management system for electrified Ecorad radiators. This system combined with the expertise of Ecorad, has the ability to maximize the inertia properties of cast iron radiators to consume the least amount of energy possible. Available for all type of buildings regardless of heating energy installed.
Informations: Optimum System OE13 (.pdf) >
The ME13 is a manual control system that offers a simple solution to budget and manage the energy consumption of the heating system with radiators Ecorad.
Designed for buildings which heating power installed is less than 99 kW and has a maximum of 8 zones.
Informations: ME13 is a manual control system (.pdf) >
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